How Testosterone Effects Libido

effects of testosteroneThe Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is kind of known as the “jack of all trades” hormone.  Why?  Because it plays such a large role in so many bodily functions of a man.  Bones, muscles, strength, stamina, energy, appearance, and libido are all affected by testosterone levels in a man’s body.

Effects of Testosterone on Libido

Testosterone is probably most known for or associated with sex drive and erectile dysfunction issues.  Low libido or erectile issues can arise as a result of low testosterone. However, it’s also important to remember that testosterone is not the only factor in driving a man’s sex drive and or performance, but it a very important one.

There have been no shortages of studies conducted on the connection between testosterone levels and libido, but not all the libido questions have been answered. There are various reasons not all questions have been answered.  One reason is because symptoms of low testosterone do not always manifest themselves by making you feel a lack of interest in sex or low sex drive.   Some men don’t have an issue with low libido even though they may have below average levels of testosterone.  On the flipside, some men have adequate or normal testosterone levels and they struggle in the libido department.  There are numerous other physical or psychological possibilties that could be behind low libido, but low testosterone level is usually the main culprit or the first item to check off the list at the very least.

Multiple Factors To Account For

The difficulty in making blanket statements when it comes to understanding the connective relationship between testosterone and libido arises because no two men will have the same level of sexual prowess even if they are the same age and under similar environmental circumstances in their lives.  The issue isn’t always just as simple as one man has more testosterone and the other has less and that’s because what may be considered normal libido for one man be less or more for another.  There are other physical, psychological, and emotional factors are at play.

What is factual and backed up by years of historical data is that it is normal for a man’s sex drive to decrease the older he gets.  During the late teens to early twenties are when men are at their peak sexually.  As men get older, their sex drive gradually decreases.  By the time a man reaches the late sixties to early seventies, his sex drive is nearly non-existent. This makes sense due to the natural decline of testosterone with increasing age.  This natural decline and the associated decline in libido have tied testosterone and libido together, therefore it makes sense to evaluate testosterone levels when libido seems lower than it should be.

It has also been noticed that men who suffer from ED or erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels. A common misconception is that low testosterone count is the culprit when it comes to erectile dysfunction. This is actually not the case.  Erectile dysfunction is a physiological that involves the hardening of the arteries in the penis, and thus restricting blood flow, which restricts the ability to get an erection. It is true that typically men with ED also have low testosterone as well, but the testosterone level doesn’t restrict the ability to get an erection.  Men with ED have performance issues, and this causes them mental grief and anguish, so over a period their libido decreases. It can be said that either directly or indirectly, low testosterone levels can lead to a noticeable decrease in libido.

Low testosterone levels are a real and significant problem for men, and we can see that there is a connection between low testosterone levels and low libido.   It is true that there could be other factors, but we know that testosterone levels are a major factor of consideration.

A Solution To Low Testosterone Levels

Prime Male testosterone boosterTo combat low testosterone levels, many men are tackling the problem in a number of natural ways instead of going for an expensive medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy – they’re taking testosterone boosters.

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